Annual Fun Shoot hits target for vets



PHOTO BY: Phil Galdys
6th annual Sporting Clay Fun Shoot sponsored by Veterans of America Chapter 1041

Mary Kemper/Staff Writer

On a brisk and breezy March 4, 180 gun enthusiasts, along with hundreds of their families and friends, and patriotic supporters came out to South Florida Shooting Range in Palm City to cheer on the competitors.

The strong winds didn’t deter the shooters in the slightest. “If anything, it helped my score,” one competitor was heard to joke.

This year marked the 6th annual Sporting Clay Fun Shoot sponsored by Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1041 in Sewall’s point. It’s their major fundraiser, and this year, they exceeded their target and raised close to $50,000.

According to member Jim Meehan, $20,000 goes straight into the chapter’s Rapid Response Fund. “We help veterans who need money for rent, their light bill, anything they need,” he said.

“The remaining funds will be distributed around Martin County, wherever it can help.”

The chapter works with Tony Reese, Martin County Veteran Services Officer, to distribute the funds as widely and fairly as possible.
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