Our Staff

  • Phil Galdys – Publisher
  • Mary Kemper – Writer/Rack Distribution (South)
  • Patrick McCallister – Contributing Writer
  • Wayne Newland – Rack Distribution (North)
  • Tori Spoth – Legal Advertising
  • Colleen Penlon – Bookkeeper
  • Sharon Elkins – Owner

Our Mission & Objective

Currently, veterans have individual organizations in their communities such as: Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, and the Vietnam Veterans of America, to name a few. However, there is no convenient way to connect themselves to a wider population of veterans and the surrounding communities, including their own.

Our mission at Veteran Voice is to publish a weekly source of information that provides a listing of all of the resources available to veterans in one place.

In each issue, we include things like articles about changes in policies or organizations that might affect veterans, local events, and pieces about veterans of interest to help spread information and engage the general public.

Veteran Voice is organized by an experienced newspaper staff that has an interest in veterans, as well as their communities and friends. This start-up is intended to address the lack of information readily available to veterans on programs and policies affecting them and objective reporting of veteran affairs to the public.

To our knowledge, and based on the comments from leaders of local veteran’s organizations, there was no media or website currently meeting this need until the launch of Veteran Voice.

Please share your comments by CLICKING HERE or mailing your comments to us at P.O. Box 1487, Stuart, FL 34995-1487